Helping Business Build Success & LEGACY

Develop Your Path to Greatness

At L.E.I. Ventures, our business is helping businesses operate efficiently and grow. Whether you need an equity partner to help push your business to new heights or sell your business to new owners dedicated to the employees and community you have developed over the years.

Founded in 2008, we’ve had over 10 years’ experience in helping entrepreneurs develop success in their business. Our focus is finding areas where businesses can be more productive and then developing the path to get it there.

Equity Investment

Sometimes an entrepreneur just needs a little extra capital to take the business to the next level. We provide businesses with more than capital, we marry capital with operational expertise to supercharge the investment impact. We only make money on our investment if the business succeeds.


Are you looking to retire or do something different?  Contact us today to see how your company can fit into our portfolio or one of our partner portfolios. We invest in a wide rage of industries focusing on cashflow positive small and midsize businesses. If it makes money we are probably interested.


Where do we deliver the most? With every investments we take all stakeholders into consideration. We never invest in a company or buy a company simply to cut cost, it’s not a sustainable business model. We carefully evaluate the impact of our decision of all stakeholders.